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  NEW RELEASE! “Can’t You See Me” has been released to AC radio across Canada and select U.S. stations. Digital release is now available in all digital music stores! "Can't You See Me" is song of our times today about fighting for inclusion and accepting diversity in everyone. See the official music video filmed at a local Edmonton high school  on Koreen Perry's Youtube channel - featured on this site! 

Tribute song "Forgotten Heroes" was just released to community radio across Canada, recognizing and remembering the Canadian military heroes and those lost in the Hong Kong battle in 1941. Music video is in the works.  

Christmastime 2017, Koreen released "When Everyone We Knew."
Jimmy Whiffen and Koreen teamed up to write this catchy country Christmas tune... remembering Christmases growing up.

Country-pop, folk-pop, and a little bit of classic rock from the 70s and 80s is what you can expect when Koreen Perry and her band hit the stage!  Koreen loves to perform great covers as well as perform some of her originals.

Singer-songwriter Koreen's country-pop fave singles "Dreams In A Bucket" and "You Don't Know Me" have just come off successful country radio releases across Canada with 40 plus stations adding the single in rotation. The folk-pop love song single "You & Me" was released to radio globally with amazing results!  40 countries adding this song to over 1200 radio stations world-wide!  All recent singles came off Perry's new 5-song original EP album "Evolved." The EP is a pop-country-folk cocktail.  

Starting a new career at the mid-point of life is an adrenaline rush

for singer-songwriter Koreen Perry that's been a long time coming...

​​Koreen Perry is enjoying film success with her originals as well as radio exposure.  Her songs "Lucky" and "Playing My Emotions" debut on the feature film "Gone By Dawn," directed by Shaun Donnelly.

Actress and singer, Koreen plays Sheryl Mullens, the principal suppporting role, in a feature film currently in the works called "Breaking Spirits," again directed by Donnelly.  It will feature three more of Perry's upcoming songs "See Through You," "You Don't Know Me," and "Dreams in a Bucket."  

Koreen's single "Lucky" was released to Canadian radio stations in 2014.  The catchy pop song was recorded in LA under the guidance of Blue Pie Records.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Koreen was surrounded by music, theatre, film and performance from an early age.  As a growing vocalist, she was part of Edmonton Musical Theatre.

She put her performance skills to use first as a TV reporter and later moved into court reporting.  Eager to experience the world, she moved to Calgary for 10 years and spent six months living in Australia working as a live TV captioner - a profession she continues today.

Push the fast forward button and Koreen had returned to Alberta in 2006.  After raising her family as a single mom of two boys, and before remarrying in 2014, she decided to start following her dream - that of a contemporary pop-country singer and actress.  She trained with Cooper Studios, paid her dues at festivals, clubs and bars and received a grant from RAWLCO Radio to produce her first self-titled CD in 2012.

Her first kick at the can was an easy going classic rock/country-style album of her first originals combined with cover songs from luminaries such as Olivia Newton-John, ABBA, and Fleetwood Mac.

Combining albums and singles, Koreen delivers an eclectic variety from the bubbly "Lucky" and soulful "Face to Face" to the jazzier "Playing My Emotions," and the edgier "Law of Attraction."

Blue Pie Records press release May 2014:

​“Just her luck! Koreen Perry has released an infectious new single called ‘Lucky’ and it doesn’t disappoint! The bubbly pop vibes in this track blend perfectly with the sweet, heartfelt lyrics, making it a catchy song that will get stuck in your head all week (in a feel-good way). The whole positive vibes from this song also allows the listener to reminiscence back to those warm summer days, which makes this track the perfect song to cure those Winter Blues for the next few months! So if you’re feeling just as lucky as our talented Koreen Perry, then keep your eyes peeled on this site, where we will announce soon the official release date of this great track!”


"When it's in your blood, it's in your blood," Perry responded when asked what prompted her to return to the stage.
"I started writing songs again.  I didn't think I'd get into it seriously, but life has a way of surprising you."
St. Albert Gazette - Anna Borowiecki

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Koreen Perry & Rob Hewes the Suggested Artist placement in the song contest in 2012. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Suggested Artist placement in the songwriting competition.
2015, Song of the Year puts "Lucky," written by Koreen Perry and Jimmy Whiffen as a semi-finalist! http://songcontest.songoftheyear.com/koreenperry.htm
Song of the Year Contest

Koreen Perry’s heartfelt vocals are the star here. “Face to Face” is a perfect track for her to shine, with this ballad of depth and hope. The follow up, “Turning Point”, another tender ballad, meshes notes of adult contemporary, easy listening, and for good measure, a bit of country. The Ep is balanced nicely with the jazzy, pop- emo “Playing My Emotions” and the edgier, rocky “Law of Attraction”. Overall, a nicely crafted group of electric calling card singles.
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Easy rock fans can catch the retro stylings of Koreen Perry at the Haven Social Club Friday for her CD release party. The mother of two recorded her debut album “Turning Point” with the help of a $ 10,000 grant from Rawlco Radio. The album is a mixture of pop, jazz and country and includes four originals written and co-written by Perry. Tickets are $12 and available through yeglive. ca...
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